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Bodhi- The Buddha

There is almost nothing as calming as looking at a beautifully carved statue of the Buddha. Bodhi sees the Buddha sitting cross legged in a meditative posture, left hand placed on top of the right, so that the thumb tips touch to form an oval, symbolizing the turning of one’s attention inward. According to Feng Shui, having a Buddha statue at home is considered to bring luck, as it assists in the movement of chi energy throughout the house.

The attention to detail to the smallest components of this statue is truly worthy of commendation. The features on the face are well defined and almost life-like. Bodhi makes for a great gift to anyone who loves adding spiritual elegance to their homes. The statue is made using white cedar wood, giving it the appearance of being carved in stone. The wooden table on which it rests is made out of solid rosewood.

White cedar is one of the lightest varieties of wood, making it easy to carry around and transport. Its natural resistance to decay makes an ideal choice for making furniture and artifacts.

Rosewood is a purist’s favorite, as it has an old style finish that never seems to date. The dark veining on the surface of the wood adds to its rich appearance. Teakwood is a rich, uniquely grained timber, which is sturdier and more termite and water resistant than any other kind of wood.

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