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Keeping it versatile with Wood – Get a look at what it’s like to live

In recent times, wooden interiors have made their foray into the design world which is embracing the idea of ‘natural’ in all aspects of life. It is no wonder that one sees wooden flooring, wooden ceilings and wooden paneling in almost all elements that make up the interior of a home or a corporate space or a villa.

Architects and designers are choosing to go in the direction of natural elements to capture that timeless, rustic charm. Wood adds an element of warmth over the concrete and makes one feel at home instantly. It also increases the value of a space years down the line.

While one may be apprehensive about wooden flooring for the Indian lifestyle, it is in reality one of the best options available. It does not require excessive cleaning or maintenance, and can be just mopped or dusted with a semi damp cloth. Similarly, when it comes to having a wooden ceiling, it doesn’t matter whether you live in a penthouse or an independent house; the wood traps the heat and makes the environment conducive at home.

Wooden doors add elegance and opulence to the living space. A sturdy, well-crafted wooden door is also a symbol of safety and trust.

Apart from its natural appeal, wood also has a multitude of benefits. It keeps the temperature inside moderate and pleasant and purifies the indoor air quality.

Villas and Bungalows often have wooden furniture and decor as their preferred choice of interiors, as this adds a charm that is timeless and can be passed on to generations.

Keeping the traditional value of solid wood in mind, and combining it with a contemporary angle for the modern generation, Wood and Metal has an exclusive range of wooden interiors from doors, to artifacts and furniture, to floors and ceilings. Every piece has a story behind it, and each piece is one of its kind and unique. This ensures that the piece you take home with you, will be available only with you, and no one else in the world can have an identical piece. Wood and Metal also provides for customization options, wherein you can choose a design and we create a replica of that for you.

It leaves no doubt about the fact that when it comes to wood, the obvious choice is Wood and Metal. We have something for everyone. That’s our promise to you.

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