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Kshatriya – Life on a battlefield

Kshatriya, an outstanding masterpiece, that depicts a warrior in combat with a dragon, stands 14 feet tall in all its grandeur. This piece of art that weighs 2500 Kgs, is crafted from a single stump of the rosewood tree that is over 120 years old. 20 skilled craftsmen worked their magic for over 5 years to create this sheer work of brilliance.
Kshatriya stands for triumph of good over evil, courage over fear and safety over danger. The rosewood used for making this beautiful piece of art truly brings out the features and emotions of all the characters in the frame. The detailing is so intricate that it almost feels lifelike. If you are someone who loves collectibles and masterpieces, this is one that must not be missed!
We at Wood and Metal, use solid rosewood and teakwood to create aesthetically designed doors, window frames, furniture and pieces of art, to suit customer specification. Solid wood not only looks visually appealing, it also provides more insulation and is more resistant to wear and tear.

Rosewood is a purist’s favorite, as it has an old style finish that never seems to date. The dark veining on the surface of the wood adds to its rich appearance. Teakwood is a rich, uniquely grained timber, which is sturdier and more termite and water resistant than any other kind of wood.

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