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Kshetra – Exquisite Pooja Room made from Jackfruit Wood

With a beautiful body made of solid jackfruit wood, and corners embellished with rounded gopurams and sturdy pillars, Kshetra stands tall at 11’9 feet. The center of this outstanding pooja room has a brass kalasam. The kalasam is usually filled with water or rice, and decorated with mango leaves held in place by a coconut. The carvings on the walls of Kshetra are designed in such a way that the room inside is always well ventilated. The base of the Pooja room is made from solid wood.
Kshetra brings with her an aura that can add a sanctimonious vibe to any environment she’s a part of.
We at Wood and Metal, use solid rosewood, teakwood and jackfruit wood to create aesthetically designed doors, window frames and furniture, to suit customer specification. Solid wood not only looks visually appealing, it also provides more insulation and is more resistant to wear and tear.

Jackfruit wood is a very strong and hard wood, and it renders a beautiful, unusual, yellow-brown color to the furniture that’s made with it. This makes it a splendid choice for making wooden structures and furniture.

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