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Manichitra Lock Door Description

An intricately carved solid wood door with a Manichitra lock, would certainly add some rustic charm to the entrance of your abode. The ornate gold-plated ensemble on the door comes with a peacock design on the lock, which symbolizes beauty, protection and guidance, and a lion door knocker, which symbolizes power and strength. This beautiful combination of beauty and power gives an impression of opulence and elegance to the entrance. We have used solid rosewood as the center and teakwood as the frame, to create this Manichitra door, which is bound to create a perceived value of magnificence to guests, potential buyers and passersby.
We at Wood and Metal, use solid rosewood and teakwood to create aesthetically designed doors to suit customer specification. Solid wood doors not only look visually appealing, they also provide more insulation that will keep rooms at a pleasant temperature, not altered by the weather outside. They are also more sound proof than others.

Rosewood is a purist’s favorite, as it has an old style finish that never seems to date. The dark veining on the surface of the wood adds to its rich appearance. Teakwood is a rich, uniquely grained timber, which is sturdier and more termite and water resistant than any other kind of wood.

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