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Matsya Kanya – Rosewood Mermaid Showpiece

Matysa Kanyas or mermaids are considered to be matrons of enchantment, unrivaled beauty, and grace. They are often considered symbolic to letting one’s passion overrule the analytical mind. What better way to add some spell binding, mystical, magical charm to your living space, than by taking home this ravishing Matsya Kanya carved from the root of the rosewood tree! The dolphins surrounding the mermaid are symbols of harmony and balance.

This exquisite piece makes for an unmatched gift option, for yourself or for a loved one, as it brings with it – beauty, harmony and stability.

Rosewood is a purist’s favorite, as it has an old style finish that never seems to date. The dark veining on the surface of the wood adds to its rich appearance. Teakwood is a rich, uniquely grained timber, which is sturdier and more termite and water resistant than any other kind of wood.

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