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Pushpa – Pushpam Vandanarpana Pooja Main Door

Since time immemorial, flowers have been an important part of Hindu worship. Different Gods and Goddesses are known to love certain flowers. Flowers are also considered as the symbols of peace. It is commonly believed that by offering flowers, the deity grants good health, wealth and prosperity.
What better way to capture the significance of flowers than with Pushpa, the wooden ode to the Gods. Pushpa offers gratitude to the abundance of the almighty, with its beautiful, delicate floral demeanor. It has a two part door with antique brass handles which add to the auspicious look of the Pooja room. The body is made from solid rosewood, with intricately carved floral designs on the frames.
A tasteful design that will never go out of trend, Pushpa will add a rich fragrance to the place you call home.

We at Wood and Metal, use solid rosewood and teakwood to create aesthetically designed doors, window frames and furniture, to suit customer specification. Solid wood not only looks visually appealing, it also provides more insulation and is more resistant to wear and tear.

Rosewood is a purist’s favorite, as it has an old style finish that never seems to date. The dark veining on the surface of the wood adds to its rich appearance. Teakwood is a rich, uniquely grained timber, which is sturdier and more termite and water resistant than any other kind of wood.

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