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Eclectic, quality handcrafted doors and window scrafted to perfection


Eclectic, quality handcrafted wooden doors and windows crafted to perfection

Wooden Doors are an entry to your abode. They give the first impression of your living space. Besides their obvious utilitarian purpose of protecting your home and acting as a boundary to your space, they also set the tone for the rest of the home decor. Wood & Metal's solid wood doors and windows frames can be customised according to any size, design and finish. Our beautifully and intricately crafted doors can be done in traditional as well as contemporary designs, stained to match with the rest of the home decor and lend a beautiful warmth to the space. Our wooden doors and windows can be crafted in Teakwood and Rosewood, in made-to-measure dimensions and colour with lasting durability that adds a beautiful character to your home.

Carved wooden doors and windows are skilfully crafted by expert artisans and can be reproduced based on any design your imagination can conjure. Give us your design, finish, idea and we will give you a real, naturally sourced product imbibed with your sense of style and personality. These are made only from authentic, quality sourced materials. Choose designs from our existing portfolio selection, or come to us with your own designs, we will provide you with a unique custom-made piece that will be found nowhere else. Among the doors and windows we design are Wooden Entrance / Exterior Doors, French Doors and Wooden Interior Doors. We also undertake designs and crafting of Sofa sets, Wooden Dining Table Sets, Pooja Rooms, Staircases and other types of pure wood furniture and interior decor.

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Wooden Doors Manufacturers
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iconThe nature of workmanship and the beauty of the wood are striking... Seeing our home with the large teakwood doors & frames in position is a dream come true. A really superb job and is greatly appreciated.

Alok Mehta.
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Wooden Door Frames

Wood Sourced from jungles of Hunsur, Dandeli & Nilambur through auctions conducted by the Forest department

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Designed by hand by experienced Artisans

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Wooden furniture and interior solutions from Wood & Metal are crafted from aged Teakwood and Rosewood, and expertly primed to retain their superior quality and strength for years

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Designs are Made-to-Order with customised design also undertaken

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