Solid Wood Pooja Rooms


Handcrafted solid wood Pooja rooms that celebrate the divine


Handcrafted Solid Wood Pooja Rooms that celebrate the divine

Prayer or Pooja Rooms are designed as sacred spaces where homages are paid to the divine, blessings sought and positive vibrations infused into our daily lives. These rooms also afford a space to conduct rituals, show reverence and offer thanks for what we have. They are a separate space in the main living or dining areas, vibrate with positive energy and are the fulcrum around which a home’s activity revolves. Wood & Metal designs Pooja Rooms in pure, authentic Teakwood and Rosewood ethically sourced from across South India. Since wood echoes being grounded in spirituality, we ensure that our solid wood structures adhere in every way to the sanctity of the space. Our customised Pooja Rooms feature heavy decorative accents, very intricately carved traditional and period designs in varying dimensions and sizes crafted in solid teakwood and Rosewood from South India.

Whether jail or latticed patterns, wall murals depicting scenes from the Bhagwad Gita, architectural detailing or pooja rooms with Vaastu Shastra as the core concept, our expert artisans with more than two decades of experience will make your ideas and concepts a reality. We also undertake design and crafting of complete living room, bedroom and kitchens in authentic wood, including Sofa Sets, Wooden Dining Tables and Chairs, Balustrades, Stairs, Flooring, Kitchen Interiors and more that complement your room decor.

Carving Pooja Rooms

iconThe nature of workmanship and the beauty of the wood are striking... Seeing our home with the large teakwood doors & frames in position is a dream come true. A really superb job and is greatly appreciated.

Alok Mehta.
Antique Pooja Mantapas
Solid Wood Pooja Room Doors
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Customized Solid wood Pooja Room Mantapas
Pooja Mantapas Manufacturers

Wooden furniture and interior solutions from Wood & Metal are crafted from aged Teakwood and Rosewood, and expertly primed to retain their superior quality and strength for years

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Designs are Made-to-Order with customised design also undertaken

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