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Quality handcrafted sculptures from solid wood to add elegance to your home


Quality handcrafted solid wood sculptures to add elegance to your home

Sculptures are one of the most enduring deco pieces. They depict history, tell stories and lend a sense of aesthetics and art to any space. Sculptures in a home reflect your personal style and sensibilities, can be simple or complex and are multi-dimensional as an art form. Wood & Metal designs and crafts stand-alone as well as wall-mounted sculptures for all kinds of spaces, whether residential or commercial, including hotels, resorts, office and retail properties.

Our fine and eclectic range of sculptures are crafted from authentic solid wood chosen specially for the purpose. Besides sourcing wood from across India, we identify what kind works based on the site of installation, its look, quality and construction and the way it blends with the surroundings. Our custom-crafted sculptures can withstand the vagaries of nature and are primed to last for decades. We undertake designing of all kinds of sculptures in solid wood based on your designs, as well as other furniture to complement your living room decor.

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The nature of workmanship and the beauty of the wood are striking... Seeing our home with the large teakwood doors & frames in position is a dream come true. A really superb job and is greatly appreciated.

Alok Mehta.
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Designs are Made-to-Order with customised design also undertaken

Solid Wood Sculpture Design Manufacturers
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Wood Sourced from jungles of Hunsur, Dandeli & Nilambur through auctions conducted by the Forest department.

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Wooden furniture and interior solutions from Wood & Metal are crafted from aged Teakwood and Rosewood, and expertly primed to retain their superior quality and strength for years

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Designed by hand by experienced Artisans

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