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Teak Wood Interiors
Flooring Teak Woods

Wooden furniture and interior solutions from Wood & Metal are crafted from aged Teakwood and Rosewood, and expertly primed to retain their superior quality and strength for years


Art is meditative, relaxing, warm and inviting. Art is food for the soul. Decorative accents in a home make the living space beautiful, create an ambience that is inviting, break the monotony and act as a conversation starter.

Wood & Metal's speciality lies in creating authentic, solid wood decorative furniture pieces that will set your home or space apart from the others. These specially curated and customised pieces can be done to scale any dimensions, carved out ofpremium solid wood such as Teak and Rose Wood sourced from across India. We undertake any kind of traditional, elaborately carved as well as modern designs.

We never compromise on the quality of our decorative furniture - Sculptures and Murals, and all these are hand carved by expert skilled artisans, backed by several decades of experience.

Wood & Metal also undertakes other kind of decorative furniture carvings, including Statues, Iconography and general carvings on solid wood furniture for the home.

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