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Solid Wood Furniture Sofa Set
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Comfortable, beautifully crafted chairs, sofas and benches add a practical utility to the living space while lending an eclectic style and enhancing the ambience of the room. They provide the right cosiness and elegance, reflect your sensibilities and are of immense utilitarian value.

Wood & Metal's fine and eclectic range of seating in solid wood lend the perfect aesthetics, without compromising on comfort. Besides the look, quality and construction, they can also be created to match with the d├ęcor, including furnishings. Our customised seating designs are available in a range of styles, designs and flourishes, handcrafted using authentic solid wood sourced from places across the country.

Our seating frames are designed in pure Rosewood and Teakwood, in traditional, elaborate as well as contemporary and minimalist designs.

From plush, comfortable upholstered Victorian designs reminiscent of days of old, to luxurious sofas of European designs, Arm Chairs, Solid Wood Benches and Love Seats, 3/4 Seater Sofas to Leather Sofas and Chaise Lounges, every size and look can be tailored depending on your requirements. Elaborate Wood Carvings, Contemporary Multi-functional features and Complex Designs can also be handcrafted, no matter how simple or elaborate they may be.

We also undertake design and crafting of Coffee Table, Console Table, Dining Table and other furniture in pure wood to complement your living room decor.

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