Handcrafted Solid Wood Master Bed


Handcrafted solid wood bedroom furniture, reminiscent of years gone by


Customized Wooden Bed
Wooden Bed
Wooden Bed


Beds are our most beloved pieces of furniture. Comfortable beds afford a good night sleep, are a haven for rest and relaxation and lend their own charm and elegance to your bedroom decor.

Wood & Metal designs solid wood beds that are not just aesthetic, but designed keeping comfort and quality in mind. Our customised bed designs are available in several styles, handcrafted and hand-hewn using authentic solid wood sourced from places across the country.

Rosewood, Teakwood and Acacia are used in designing the frames, available in contemporary and traditional styles.

From comfortable Queen sized beds to plush King sized frames, the size and design can be customised depending on your requirements. Poster Frames, Ornate Wood Carvings and Complex Designs can be handcrafted, no matter how simple or elaborate they may be.

We also undertake design and crafting of complete bedroom sets in authentic wood, including Side Tables, Chest of Drawers, Dressing Units, Foot Stools, End Table, Benches and more that complement your room decor.

Wooden Home Furniture Bed

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Wooden Dressing Unit
Wooden table
Wooden table
Customized Solid Wood Master Bed
Wooden Bed
Solid Wood Bed
Solid Wood Dressing Unit
Wooden Dressing table
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Wooden Side Table
Solid Wood Site Table
Solid wood Bed
Solid Wood Furnished Bed
Wooden Cots
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