Solid Wood Furniture Production


Solid wood furniture & interiors recreated from a time goneby


Wood & Metal has been in the business of customised, high quality pure wood furniture and interiors since more a decade. Our three large spacious facilities spread across Bangalore and Coorg is where a major portion of our storage, production, priming and finishing is carried out. Our 44,000 square feet production space is equipped with state-of- the-art machinery from Germany and Italy to ensure maximum accuracy. All the work areas are separate and temperature controlled for different processes, including a section for wood cutting and other pre-production work. Post production work such as designing, carving, joining, priming or smoothening, polishing and finishing is also conducted at the facility.

We custom-make all kinds of furniture and wooden interiors including murals and sculptures based on scale, size and dimensions either in our workshop or on-site. Primed wood material is available at all times and ready-to- use. Our production facility can handle 10 independent projects simultaneously, and we are equipped to handle large deliverables at all times.

We procure and ethically source pure solid Teakwood and Rosewood, including other varieties based on designs and requirements. Nelambur, Hunsur and Dandeli Teakwood including lesser known imported varieties such as Burma and African teak are commonly used. We also use oak, white cedar and other varieties if required.

Solid Wood Furniture Manufacturer


Professional artisans and over 300 carpenters work on crafting wooden furniture and interiors. Our team of workers are experts in custom made wood solutions who work in our production facility as well as onsite depending on project needs. The wood is measured and cut into blocks with special imported machinery from Germany and Turkey. This ensures complete accuracy and superb finishing for both rough and smooth wood cuts.

Solid Wood Furniture Finishing


At Wood & Metal, we undertake the manufacturing of solid wood furniture with pure wood ethically sourced from forests across Karnataka. Our wood is procured by experienced artisans, quality checked for the right age and size, stored in a temperature controlled environment and designed and finished in a separate area within the facility.

Customized Solid Wood Carpentry Works


We have a separate area to manage the most crucial aspect of our work, post-production and finishing. Our finishing space is well maintained and large, where carving, joining, smoothening, polishing and other tasks are carried out. We use environment friendly products which are safe on exposure. Recycled, reused and filtered water treatment for our products is carried out at all times.

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