Solid Wood Interior


Sturdy, eclectic wooden interiors crafted from pure woodblending utility and design


Sturdy, eclectic wooden interiors crafted from pure wood blending utility and design

Interiors, whether modern and contemporary or traditional and medieval, lend their unique aesthetics to the living space. When crafted in pure, authentic wood, they exude solidness, strength, are long lasting and showcase the personality of the people who have made it their abode. Wood & Metal crafts home interiors in solid wood, incorporating versatile designs, finishes and looks to create a space that is unique and one-of-a-kind. We create handcrafted, customised Wooden Flooring, Ceiling, Wall Panelling, Staircase, Railings and Pillars in any design that you provide, from the simple to the elaborate. Besides the furniture’s practical utility, its size, dimensions and quality, we also use various design inputs to match it with the home decor.

Our customised interiors in hard wood designs are available in a range of styles and flourishes, hand carved in authentic solid wood sourced from places across the country. They are also polished and prepped to withstand heavy use and weather temperature changes. Specialist artisans craft these elaborate interior and furniture pieces from authentic pure solid & teak wood sourced across the country which are then carved and designed as per the need and requirement.



Wood is a common choice in flooring options and is available in a variety of colours, cuts and styles. Wood is structurally strong, and visually pleasing. It also blends with any kind of decor, provides warmth and is good for the feet. Wood & Metal designs and manufacturers solid wood flooring from pure wood with minimal warping in different thickness and styles.

Wooden Floor Interior
Solid wood Floor Interior
Solid Wood Paneling

iconThe nature of workmanship and the beauty of the wood are striking... Seeing our home with the large teakwood doors & frames in position is a dream come true. A really superb job and is greatly appreciated.

Alok Mehta.



Customised ceilings in wood create a cosy, inviting space as well as make a striking design statement. Solid wood used in ceilings add more texture and dimensions, and are very individualistic in character. They add a rusticity as well as superlative quality, depending on the design and accents. Wood & Metal crafts pure wooden ceilings depending on your individual requirements, either end-to-end or individual pieces such as support beams and panels.

Wooden Ceiling
Solid wood Ceiling
Wooden Railing



Wooden staircases and balustrades with their supports in solid wood create exceptional warmth and can be an eye-catching focal point of home interiors. Wood & Metal crafts wooden staircases in authentic food in myriad designs, customised to blend with home decor.

Wooden Staircase
Solid wood Staircase
Wooden Pillars
Solid wood Flooring



Wall Wooden Panelling for office spaces and residences has its decorative and utilitarian uses. Wooden wall panels can be used practically anywhere in homes, as decorative accents, to enhance comfort and insulate interiors from the outside. Wood & Metal provides wall panelling in authentic wood, with different finishes in rustic and contemporary designs.

Wooden Paneling
Home Interior Paneling
Customized Wooden Ceiling <



Stylish wooden railings or balustrades can be eye-catching, and reminiscent of traditional homes where the focus was on aesthetics. Whether standard or custom-made, modern or traditional designs, Wood & Metal designs and builds high quality railings in pure wood in various finishes, that can take any wear and tear and enhances the decor of the home.

Customized Wooden Railing
Wooden Railing for Home
Solid wood staircase for Home
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Whether grand, elaborated traditional pillars for courtyards or sturdy, contemporary ones for interiors, Wood & Metal hand carves pillars from solid wood that will last for years, withstand age and nature’s vagaries and enhance the ambience of your home.

Solid wood Pillars

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