Bespoke Furniture

Bespoke Furniture

Traditional Craftsmanship Meets Contemporary Design

Carve out a truly unique ceiling with sizes, shapes, and curves made to your needs out of pure solid wood. Add that flair and timeless nature to any interior space with the elegance and majesty of solid wood ceiling and panelling.

Evocative of the golden years, solid wood railings, staircases & pillars recreate old world elegance with traditional or contemporary designs.

Living Room

Feel like royalty with stately chairs, centre tables and sofa sets. Built for uber comfort and the regal aesthetic, with superior craftsmanship & fabrics, it is pure refined indulgence.

  • Sofa

  • Centre Table

  • TV Unit

  • Bar Unit

  • Chairs

  • Diwan

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Dining & Kitchen

The centre piece of the family get together - dining tables and seating spaces made out of solid wood exude grandeur and last a lifetime. Tailor made for spaces big or small, our artisans embellish woodwork with ageless motifs & designs.

Choose from a myriad of Modern modular kitchens or custom built designs both of which give you the freedom of designing a kitchen built for how you use it. Our unique designs take aesthetics and function to a new level with easy storage, access and comfort for the entire family.

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Solid wood beds add an enchanting quality to the beauty of your home. Minimalistic designs with clean lines, modern or classical designs with timeless motifs, our solid wood beds are one of a kind, robust and built with your absolute comfort in mind.

  • Console

  • Bed

  • Headboard

  • Dressing Table

  • Side Table

  • Wardrobe

Strong, bold and able to make a statement. These are the qualities you would want your wooden structure to make while also being aesthetically compelling. Our versatile wooden structures bring all of these qualities to you. Watch any kind of design come to life with the charm of solid wood to make the perfect shell for all activities.

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(Main) Doors & Pooja Units

Elegant and intricately carved main doors act as the feature element of the house creating a bold statement at the entrance.

Carefully carved with attention to detail while also maintaining simplistic designs, doors, windows and shutters for interior as well as exterior spaces, withvarying types of finishes are our forte. Solid and panelled wood archways and room separator elements add a beautiful touch to the otherwise ordinary space and showcase beautiful craftsmanship in the form of carvings and motifs.

Hand crafted marvellous designs in traditional motifs, created out of pure rosewood, teak wood and devadhar or white cedar. Feel at peace and harmony when immersed in our beautiful, divine masterpiece.

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